The Best Shoulder Length Hairstyles Of 2021

The first thing you need to know about shoulder-length hairstyles is that two styles should not be considered the same. Different hair texture and thickness will definitely affect the hairstyle you choose. Our friends with thinning hair should avoid shoulder-length styles that have a lot of volume. Want long bangs? If you have the thickest hair known to man, it may not be the best move. There are many cute styles, but many are error-prone. Fortunately, we have the ultimate guide to shoulder-length hairstyles.

So if you want to show your skills and choose a shorter look for 2021, be prepared to take some notes. This is the best shoulder-length hairstyle of 2021.

This simple shoulder-length hairstyle will add a lot of volume to your hair

Emma Stone with shoulder-length hair Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

This is the shoulder-length style of our friends with thick hair. If you want to cut a lot of hair, but want an easy-to-care shoulder-length hairstyle, then this natural, voluminous hairstyle is for you. Celebrities like Emma Stone have been swinging natural shoulder-length hairstyles, and it’s easy to understand why. The appearance is sweet, relaxed and does not require much effort. So, if you know that you are not your friend in the morning and are looking for a shoulder-length hairstyle, you can perfect it by quickly flicking a brush and hair dryer, then this is for you.

Trey Gillen, a hair stylist with more than 15 years of styling and coloring experience, told Byrdie that this “sideways” look is more suitable for people with square faces. His tip? Use a round brush and some kind of volume-enhancing product to get a “soft, natural, polished look.” Count us.

Let your roots speak with this relaxed shoulder-length hairstyle

There was a time when it was absolutely impossible to expose your hair roots from under the color you dyed, but now, leaving shoulder-length hair with natural roots is not only acceptable-it has become desirable. We think the coronavirus pandemic may have played a role, because many of us who rely on regular visits to the salon for haircuts and maintaining color have to accept that our roots must grow, whether we like it or not.

However, as Mary Claire pointed out, the lack of salon access and the number of people who have grown their hair actually created a shoulder-length hairstyle trend that has been seen in Taylor Swift and Kilnan Shipka among others. I saw it on my body. Root is now “popular” and hairstylists even deliberately create styles for their first-line clients. So you heard it here: Cut a shoulder-length cut to make your hair roots shine.

Add some sexy bangs to your shoulder-length hair in 2021

In 2021, textured bangs are an element added to shoulder-length hair. Once upon a time, the word “bangs” would give us a terrible flashback. For the kids in the 90s among us, bangs are a form of punishment. It runs through the face with a perfect horizontal line-no shape, no feathers, but straight bangs make our faces appear twice as short. But 2021 will see bangs come back. If you don’t want to believe us, then maybe a professional hair stylist will convince you.

Trey Gillen, a master hair stylist with more than 15 years of styling and coloring experience, told Byrdie that the bangs with “broken ends rather than blunt” are ushering in a moment of brilliance. Unlike straight bangs where the face is truncated, broken bangs allow you to still see part of your forehead. This creates more frame for the face, rather than a truncated appearance. Gillen then suggested that those who choose to use wax (without a lot of gloss) to separate the bangs, make them look patchwork and placed. These are definitely not the bangs we grew up with.

Embrace the hierarchy and choose this mature bangs style for your shoulder-length hairstyle

Mature bangs and layered appearance outline the contours of the face. It is a perfect shoulder-length hairstyle for 2021. This hairstyle not only looks super cute, but also grows out in a gorgeous way, avoiding eternally tragic growth-coming out. Anyone trying to grow their hair knows that the awkward phases between hairstyles can be very bad. If you have had a short wave hair style, but now want a longer shoulder-length look, then a stage in between can make you look like Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka.

As Byrdie pointed out, celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence chose the “fragmented tassel sling” because it not only looks great, but also defines the jaw line. The next part will please the Generation Z kids among us-professional hair stylist Tre Gillen said that only the middle part can do this (there is no side part, sorry millennials). To design such a cut, just use a smaller round brush and use your usual styling products to get a fresh and dynamic look. You can’t go wrong with this one, it is perfect for those with thinning hair.

When it comes to popular hairstyles, shoulder-length shags are all the rage in 2021

Some shoulder-length hairstyles come and go, but the shag will stay. The appearance is relaxed, likable, and 110% in line with the trend. It can look like a more traditional shoulder-length style, or you can choose more mullet styles. Either add bangs or keep it simple-this is really the most versatile hairstyle for 2021.

Justine Marjan, the global stylist of TRESemmé, tells the style that once the curtain bangs return to the scene, Shag once again gains a foothold. Once they did this, the shag cut exploded. “Throughout history, shag versions have come and gone, but…we will see more haircuts turning to the shag area because people feel more comfortable with the shorter layers around the face,” Marian said . “If done well, the maintenance cost of this tailoring is very low because it complements the shape of the head.”

Regardless of the texture or thickness of your hair, you can get this cut. Whether your hair is curly, straight, thick, thin, or somewhere in between, the iteration of shoulder-length hair will not disappoint.

This hassle-free shoulder-length hairstyle requires no maintenance at all

We have discussed a lot about shoulder-length hairstyles for 2021. These hairstyles are easy to take care of and are suitable for almost any season-but this hairstyle is supreme. Seen in celebrities such as Emma Roberts, this simple shoulder cut with a sweet middle part is absolutely perfect for many reasons.

First of all, it is suitable for almost any type of hair thickness. Second, you can add your own style-bangs, growing roots, etc.-third, if you are trying to grow your hair, it is the perfect style. As we all know, Roberts will try her shoulder-length hair, so like Elle, we will use her to measure the versatility of this unfettered shoulder-length hairstyle. She was discovered at the 91st Oscars, has a rich chocolate brown shoulder-length appearance, with many gorgeous textures. But also quickly, she changed her mind, and soon chose a blond, slightly longer look.

So, if you really want to look for a headless and stress-free shoulder-length hairstyle in 2021, then this is your ideal choice.

Embrace your curly hair and choose this fun shoulder-length look for your hair

Curly hair is beautiful, so if your hair is naturally curly and you are looking for a shoulder-length cut to change the look for 2021, then this is your style. Gone are the days when straight hair with no texture had the upper hand. As pointed out by Harper’s Bazaar, the natural curly hair cut adds color to the shoulders and adds lovely bangs details. This reminds you that bangs are not only suitable for people with straight hair, because people with any hair texture can shake them.

If you choose bangs, the shorter locks around the face will be very flattering and beautiful. They will serve as a text frame for your already pretty face, and can really attract your attention. If you are a fan of TikTok (not yet), then you have probably seen a viral video on how to loosen and treat curly hair. Although some of you may let your curly hair dry naturally, make sure you have a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment and a low-calorie option. You really can’t go wrong.

Leave it to JLo to welcome the most fashionable shoulder-length hairstyles in 2021

J.Lo always has the pulse of trends and culture, so it’s no wonder that her shoulder-length hairstyle will become a popular hairstyle guide in 2021. As Elle pointed out, J.Lo made her debut with her shoulder-length hairstyle. Look at the Toronto Film Festival, and the photos have been saved to our inspiration wall. Oh, become Jennifer Lopez. Oops, if we were even in the same room with her, we might pass out.

Her shoulder-length bob is incredibly sharp-the ends are straightforward, no feathers are used to soften rough lines, and the length is just right for her collarbone. In short, J.Lo can use her shoulder-length hair to kill people. We like it. J.Lo’s styling was created by celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton, so although you probably won’t go to a stylist who cuts the hair of a star, you can definitely create a similar look yourself. Who doesn’t want this look? It has perfect length, middle part. This is our affirmation.

Capture the 70s with this shoulder-length hairstyle in Farrah Fawcett style

The 70s are making a comeback, so it is not shocking that shoulder-length tailoring inspired by Farrah Fawcett will return in 2021. The 1970s were indeed the iconic era of hair. The appearance is very big, the bangs have feathers, no one can reflect that era better than Fawcett.

As pointed out by The Zoe Report, Fawcett style hairstyles began to appear on TikTok-since then, 2021 hairstyle trends are all the rage. Celebrity hair stylist Laura Polko (Laura Polko) said: “Ten years after the bouffant hairstyle has become one of the most popular hairstyles, I think people like Farrah because of its strong femininity and softness. “I think nostalgia is really important for the TikTok generation. The Farrah style is so iconic and easy to reproduce at home. Fluffy hair is so fun and sexy, so it’s easy to be loved!”

This Fawcett look has been favored by many celebrities and is definitely the perfect shoulder-length look for 2021. Put on your roller skates, find a pair of cute corduroy pants, and you can start.

If the volume is more in line with your style, this shoulder-length hairstyle is perfect for you

If you are looking for 2021 shoulder-length haircuts and nostalgic, this old Hollywood look is for you. The charm of old Hollywood is a bit bold. Many of us can’t help but look at the old Hollywood blockbuster photos, and then ask ourselves if we can make such an appearance. This timeless element is really hard to beat, and if you have a lot of hair to use, this look is great.

The charm of old Hollywood is the volume of the hair that makes it so attractive, so the more you need to style, the better you will become. You may also want to break your hair clips, hair spray, and your wide tube curlers, because unlike other shoulder-length hairstyles, this look does require some maintenance. But, as Elle pointed out, with this style, you might be with celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, who looked amazing at the 73rd Tony Awards, or Ana de Armas, who she was in 2021 A new look is selected. This styling is timeless, dramatic, and likable. Who doesn’t want this style?

If you have thicker hair, this shoulder-length hairstyle should be your first choice

We like relaxed waves and everyday textures, if your hair is thicker and you don’t know how to handle it, this shoulder-length cut and color combination may be for you. As Byrdie pointed out, it is difficult to take the risk of choosing a shoulder-length hairstyle. For some of us, this is a huge shift in the long hair we have always had. Therefore, if this is the case for you, choose classic tailoring and balayage color work-this will help solve the phantom pain of long hair. “With balayage colors and trending brighter ends, almost every now and then a few inches are cut into a lob,” said expert hair stylist Trey Gillen. “It can remove all those tired, over-processed dry hair, so you can press the reset button on your hair.”

Gillen added that medium to thick hair texture will do wonders for this look. So you heard it here-if you are looking for an approachable, easily digestible but absolutely gorgeous 2021 shoulder-length hairstyle, this is for you.

The best shoulder-length hairstyles coming soon feature natural curls and hair color

2021 is a shoulder-length look, which will add to the icing on the cake for your hair. We have all spent a lot of time on expensive tailoring, outrageous color work, and overpriced hair care, just to follow the trend, and we will definitely not talk about it in 2021. As Byrdie pointed out, the upcoming shoulder-length hair styling includes many things that many of us already have-natural texture. We should embrace it instead of fighting against the original texture of our hair. So, if you have crazy curly hair and want a shoulder-length hairstyle, give it some layers and a flattering shape and let Mother Nature take care of the rest.

Mary Claire pointed out that we should also start taking care of our hair-give it the nutrients, oils and hair mask it needs, so that it can recover from the hair straighteners that have been used for many years. 2021 will also see progress towards natural hair color. Therefore, instead of dyeing your hair at home once a month or going to the salon for extremely expensive color treatments, it is better to choose the color you own. Its simplicity is bold and it is also very friendly to your bank account.

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