British Royal Wedding Tiaras Are Ranked by a Diamond Expert

Diamond Expert Ranks British Royal Wedding Tiaras

One of the most exciting and difficult decisions for any bride-to-be is choosing a dress, but if you’re lucky enough to be born a princess or find yourself marrying into the royal family, you’ve got the even more difficult choice of choosing a tiara. Sure, choosing a priceless headpiece steeped in history doesn’t exactly sound like a hardship, but as Vogue points out, for a royal or soon-to-be royal, her wedding day is the very first time a titled woman gets to wear the esteemed jewels of her station, making her choice of diadem more than just a fashion statement — it’s a part of history.

But like any precious gem, not all royal jewels are created equal, which means that some headdresses are more coveted than others, even if they are all beautiful.

Want to know which diamond-encrusted crown is considered the best? The fourth-generation diamond expert, GIA research gemologist, and the founder and CEO of The Clear Cut, Olivia Landau, provided Jasmine Fashion Style with the royal rundown of the most famous wedding headdress in the British family. Here is how she was most famous on the crown The crown is ranked.

Queen Mary Diamond Tassel Tiara

According to Vogue magazine, the Queen Mary headdress worn by Queen Elizabeth at the wedding of Prince Philip in 1947 is the most famous and one of the most precious headdresses of the Windsor family due to its rich ancestral heritage.

According to the media report, in 1919, Queen Mary asked the Garrard House-the royal family’s official jeweler-to refurbish a necklace given to her as a wedding gift by Queen Victoria into a headdress. It looks like a traditional Russian headdress, kokoshnik. Princess Anne also wore this crown. Recently, Princess Beatrice wore a headdress at their wedding.

According to The Crown Chronicles, the crown described by Olivia Landau as “rich, elegant and timeless” is made of 47 scale bars and can also be worn as a necklace.

As Landau said when talking about her favorite British wedding tiara, “The number one is obvious!” added, “It looks like it is full of ancient European cut and ancient mine cut diamonds.”

Secondly, the one on the list is the unique headgear worn by Princess Eugenie at her 2018 wedding with Jack Brooksbank.

The most memorable thing is the emerald, as Landau pointed out, “gives an amazing pop color”, gem experts explained that the crowning glory of the headdress also has a Kokoshnik-style shape. , Is the center gem-a 93.7 carat emerald.

According to People Magazine, it was initially thought that Princess Eugenie would wear the headdress her mother Sarah Ferguson gave to the queen’s son Prince Andrew on the wedding day, but she made a bold statement with the emerald-adorned headdress.

According to Tatler, this unique headgear was designed in 1919 for socialite Margaret Greville. After her death, Greville bequeathed the crown to her friend Queen Mary, who eventually gave it to her daughter Queen Elizabeth. It was further elaborated, “It is made of brilliant rose-cut diamonds pavé set in platinum, with six emeralds on each side.”

Boll’s Crown

Queen Elizabeth’s sister Margaret did not borrow her wedding tiara from her sister’s royal collection. Instead, according to “Town and Country” (Town and Country), the seemingly largest grand wedding headdress on this list was one before she married Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960. It was purchased at auction in 2017.

Although I don’t know who paid for the headwear. Landau pointed out that it was made for Poltimore, the wife of Baron Poltimore, who explained that she was the treasurer of Queen Victoria’s family from 1872 to 1874.

Tatler pointed out that the Poltimore headpiece is very similar to Queen Mary’s diamond fringe headpiece, designed by Garrard House, as the antique jewelry dealer and scholar Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos explained to Town and Country, “Once Margaret buys it, she can’t wait Wear it on the ground.” Landau added: “The Poltimore headwear is [in] Victorian style, and its size makes it feel fancy and grand.”

Spencer family headdress

When “People’s Princess” Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, her “iconic” headdress, as Landau described it, was one of her family heirlooms. The diamond expert added that the Spencer family’s headdress has the iconic “round” style, and she explained, “makes it look sweet and young.”

It was further reported that the headwear worn by Diana’s sisters was made of several different jewels of historical significance to the family, making it an important heirloom of Spencer, as Olivia Landau said. , The headdress made is not as extravagant as the others on the list, “special special”.

According to Vogue reports, Diana received the Lover’s Knot headdress from the Queen’s collection on the wedding day, but not surprisingly, she chose the Spencer headdress. It is more comfortable than many headdresses in the Queen’s collection.

Cartier halo headgear

It may be last on Landau’s list, but this headgear still shines. Landau described this Cartier Halo headdress as “exquisite and delicate.” The Cartier Halo headdress worn by Kate Middleton on the wedding day in 2011, as explained by “Vogue”, is in the queen It was given to the Queen by her mother on her 18th birthday. It was originally a gift from King George VI to his wife Queen Elizabeth I in 1936.

According to media reports, the queen has never worn the Cartier halo in public, but it has become one of the most well-known gifts in the world after the wedding of Kate and William.

Like Middleton’s style, Landau described the Cartier halo headdress as “classic and timeless” and added that its “Art Deco style…gave it a unique charm and subtle beauty.”

According to Vogue reports that this crown may seem simple, but “it is made of 739 brilliant-cut diamonds and 149 baguette diamonds.”

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