18 Halloween Nail Designs You’ll Want To Wear

Spooky Month finally is upon us. If Pinterest and Instagram trends are an indication, Halloween costumes–including Halloween nails and Halloween makeup–are returning and more impressive than ever before for 2021.
Even if you’re hesitant to dress up in full-on this year (or costumes aren’t your thing, regardless of a pandemic), Halloween nails are a great alternative to display some spirit. They’re cheap, fun, and aren’t too challenging to create and look appealing on Instagram when you’re sipping drinks or drinking spiked cider. And, even when things are every day, creating an elaborate costume for Halloween can be more effective in the abstract than practical. With the cost to purchase an outfit and the time needed to apply it with makeup, the process can be an enormous amount of work. This is where nail art can have an advantage.
Our most loved Halloween nail designs for this year are a twist of the already popular trends for autumn. Consider French nails, skittles-themed manis that aren’t matched (how appropriate!), and orange shades, which aren’t too over the top however just enough so that you can get your message across.
The 31st of October is right across the horizon. Let’s celebrate the holiday with a bit of fun. Explore the following for the top Halloween manicure ideas for 2021.

3D Eyes

Okay, so these natural eyes could be a bit too ambitious for the house, but they’re so terrified that we couldn’t resist including them.

Mini Bats

The negative space prevents the design from appearing too formal.

Call Me



Orange Gradient

Skittles nail polishes remain in style. It lets you join in with the fashion while paying homage to the holidays. It’s also as simple as making nail art is.



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Deep Wine

Apply the mulled wine to your nails to create dark nails that have an incredible amount of longevity.



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Graphic Shapes


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The copper foil looks extraordinary and surprisingly pumpkin-like when combined in mint with green.

Textured Black

Matte or glossy Dark or glossy, it can be scary.

Chic Spiderwebs

A web of nails that is clean appears modern and not too sexy.

Red Outlines

Begin with an intense red base, then add a darker burgundy hue over it so that only the tiniest bit of red peeks through the cuticle.

Bloodshot eyes

Classic Halloween nails? Perhaps a comment about room scrolling Twitter to 2021? You choose!

bloody drip 

Moon Phases Moon

A bit werewolf-y, a bit witchy, All kinds of cool.

Stitched Tips

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most-searched-for costumes on Pinterest every year. Here’s nail polish for a complete look.

Moody Moons

Enjoy a cold night by capturing dramatic moons and mountains set against an icy black base.

Classic Black

Black polish is always stylish; however, it’s a perfect match to wear during Halloween.


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