11 gorgeous prom hairstyles to wear for both short and long hair and everything between

Apart from weddings, prom is the sole occasion when you’ll be surrounded by an entire group of people watching you and snapping photos. This is the reason your prom hairstyle must be in top shape. The prom may only last for one evening, but that picture that you take with your partner will be around for a long day. (Also, it’s likely that your mom will frame it and give the rest to your family members. The earlier you can acknowledge this fact, the less difficult it will be.) Also, an appropriate prom hairstyle can mean quite a bit.

The most obvious way to start is with prom hairstyles. They’re the most popular for prom night. The main benefit is that, if they’re properly done, they won’t fall apart the moment you’re required to have your formal prom picture taken. (The not-so-secret weapon: hairspray.) Most prom styles work best when you have hair that is medium-length to long. Make your lob into an updo for prom, and you’re likely to end up with an unintentional hair loss. With shorter hairstyles, it’s not going to happen.

If you’re wearing a short or bob-length hairstyle, don’t be in the same old hairstyles for prom. There are prom hairstyles that are adorable for shorter hair, as long as you know where to get the right ones. It’s a good starting point. Also, you don’t need to wear an updo to go out on prom. If you want to keep your prom hairstyle low or opt for a half-up and half-down prom hairstyle, or opting for braided prom hairstyles, work regardless of the length of your hair.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the many possibilities, don’t worry. Here are the top prom hairstyles for any length and level of skill.

Easy Prom Hairstyles to Style Yourself

DIY hairstyles are possible even if you have only two hands, we’ll promise. It’s always a good idea to practice the prom hairstyle before prom, even when it’s simple. Also, it’ll give you an idea of the time it will be to prepare in case you have to buy Bobby pins or whether you’ll need to put your gown on before making your hair. (The one thing that’s worse than an unprofessional prom hairstyle is a perfect prom hairstyle that you accidentally ruin as you get dressed.) If you can braid your hair in a basic manner, Try some of the prom hairstyles.

Double Braid Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

It’s hard to find a more romantic look than this romantic braided prom hairstyle. Fishtail braid two pieces of hair along the other side of your part and then secure your ends to the back with a gorgeous hair clip. The simplicity of it is what makes this one of the top prom hairstyles suitable for short hair. However, it’s not required to wear this style with waves should you decide to include body and hair volume using Garnier Fructis Sky-Hi Volume Masque.

Half Up Half Down Twisted Crown

Do you have just two hands with two pins? If so, you can create this easy prom hairstyle. It’s all it takes is one twist of hair on either side, with each held in place. (It’s easy to do this just one twist at a.) For a stylish hairstyle for prom, you could put in a few blooms or add a barrette, but it’s stunning by itself. After that, spray it with a strong hold hair spray to ensure twists won’t break when the limousine pulls up. It’s among the easiest hairstyles for prom that is half up, half down.

Chic Ponytail

If your concept of makeup is simple swipes of mascara, you’ll be able to meet the equally low-maintenance prom hairstyle of the ponytail. However, it’s not the basic and gym-ready ponytail. The trick is to wrap the ponytail’s base with a single strand of your hair. Therefore, pull your hair back into a low ponytail and leave a small section on the other side. Attach your ponytail using the help of a hair tie. After that, use the loose portion to wrap it around the elastic, then pin the other end under your ponytail so that it’s not visible. After that, apply an oil that thickens, such as the Garnier Fructis Mega-Full Thickening Cream, for making your ponytail appear rich and full. There are no strands of string here.

Braided Crown

This hairstyle is amazing because it is suitable for various hair types, whether you have straight hair, curly or naturally curly hair. If you’re looking for a casual prom hairstyle, this prom hairstyle is to fit your needs. Like the Twisted crown hairstyle, braid two sections of hair (starting at the temple or the top) and pull them to the other side to ensure they are in line. Then, pin them together. This is a great option if you wish to keep your prom hairstyle down or do not need to commit to spending an hour of salon time.

Prom Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself–With Enough Practice

If you’re able to create an elegant fishtail braid without the need for the tutorial for your hair or, for professionals, using at least one mirror, then you’re in the right place for prom hairstyles. They take a bit more effort and skill than typical prom buns (or some time to practice styling with your best friend); however, the rewards are worth it. For medium-difficulty hairstyles, for prom braids go, they’re ideal, as well. Make sure to try them out a few times before the big event and ensure you’re comfortable with them.

Cute Waterfall Braid

Are you looking to put your prom hairstyle that isn’t too shabby? It’s not much better than this one. The best way to learn the art of a waterfall braid is to look up videos of hair tutorials (and the pro tip to get your mom or friend to assist) and follow the steps. After you’ve made the waterfall braid into your hair, you can use curling irons to curl loose hair. It’s proof that hairstyles that work for prom hair-dos are a breeze. Plus, while it’s an ideal prom hairstyle suitable for medium-length hair, it can be done even if you have shorter-length hair, such as the cut. This is also one of the most stylish prom hairstyles with bangs.

Half Up Half Down Rose Bun Prom Updo

Half-up, half-down prom hairstyles may appear somewhat casual for the big day. But throw on this romantic bun, and you’ve got the perfect prom style. Make your hair pull back to create a simple, half-up ponytail. Put your fingers under the ponytail, into the middle of the hair that you’ve pulled back, and then loop the ends of the ponytail until it’s in the opposite direction. Make a ponytail braid, twist to create a bun, and secure it with a pin. The plaits are reminiscent of petals of rose petals, giving it the wow factor of a sophisticated hairstyle for prom without being too complicated.

Dutch Braided Prom Updo

As long as you can create a Dutch braid, you can make this braided prom hairstyle. Begin with the middle, create two French braids that begin at the top of your ear, and move backward until you reach the neck’s nape. When each braid is finished, cross the two braids, then fix each braid opposite your head using Bobby pins. Make sure to secure the ends of your braid between the two wrapping braids so that the tails do not hang out and the braids meet to the side part of the head. Your arms may require rest at some moment, but the effort is worth the beautiful prom hairstyle.

Side Fishtail Braid

It’s the time to show off your fishtail braiding abilities, particularly if searching for prom hairstyles towards the back. At the lighter end of the variety of prom hairstyles with braids, the only thing you need to do is braid the hair in your shoulder towards your neck. After that, you can begin to weave your braid into a fishtail and tie it up with an elastic band. It’s simple, stylish, and perfect for those who are interested in mermaid’s hair.

Best Prom Hairstyles to Show Your Stylist–Or Your Talented Styling Friend!

The dress you’ve been wearing for a while. You’ve thought about the shoes that you’d wore ages ago. If you’ve been saving pictures of your hairstyles you’d like to wear for prom since last year, you’re likely taking it seriously. If your most-loved prom hairstyles, take greater than six steps to be prepared for a meltdown at the last minute and make time with your expert BFF or professional hairstylist. You’ll find it easy to get your stunning hairstyle.

Big, Braided Prom Bun

Take this braided, twisted bun as the ultimate prom hairstyle suitable for long hair. It’s elegant and romantic, without looking too sexy. The braids keep your hair in place when you dance. It’s no wonder that it’s among the most beautiful long hairstyles you can wear to prom. It also showcases highlights (if you’re blessed with highlights). The loose hairstyles add a touch of glamour to the romantic style but make sure that your bun is held in place very well to prevent it from slipping. Additionally, blow it out using a hairspray that is strong in its hold to ensure for the night of long nights.

Princess Braided Prom Bun

While it’s not as glamorous as a tiered tiara, this prom bun is the closest you will ever come to be the status of royalty. The position of the bun’s crown is traditional and timeless, but the thick braid that runs around the base is an upgrade for 2019, as is the hair itself, which is long and smooth. For a similar appearance, prepare your hair using oil that thickens your hair like Garnier’s Fructis Texture Tease Dry Finalizing Spray. If you’re looking for hairstyles to wear to prom, bangs are the perfect product.

Wavy Bun Prom Updo

This gorgeous messy prom style should be put in the hands of someone knowledgeable about the tricks of the trade. The loose waves, created using a curling iron or natural hairstyle, are gathered into one huge prom bun. While the result is stunningly beautiful–it will make your friends wonder what you did to get it, it requires an expert to prevent the hair from falling off. If you’re planning to make movements on dance floors, be sure the bun is properly pinned. It’s not supposed to be messy.

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